Pardot Prospect Journey Map

Pardot Prospect Journey Mapping

A Pardot Prospect Journey should be a full, end-to-end experience. It starts from the first click to the final close. Map out your Pardot Prospect Journey.
free pardot landing page template

Free Pardot Landing Page

For a limited time, I'm is offering a free responsive Pardot landing page template. 

Marketing Automation: Naming Conventions

I’ve found a solid naming convention within Marketing Automation is often times overlooked during the on boarding process. A proper naming convention will not only give you a solid structure but will save you hours worth of headaches later when trying to sort content within Pardot.

Choose your own adventure & tiered calls-to-action

Tiered CTA's in your email can help your sales team know when it's appropriate to reach out to the prospect.

Free photography logo

Hey Ya'll! I was working on a logo a few months back and ended up scrapping it. Today during some free time I finished it up and wanted to give it out as a freebie for any photographers who wanted to use it for their logo. Included…