Pardot Grading Worksheet

Handy Pardot Grading Worksheet

Pardot Grading WorksheetAdmit it, we’ve all been there… trying to add up Pardot grade adjustments to fit our specific sales profile and wondering… did I get that right? As a Pardot Consultant, its one area my clients always struggle with. I’ve often suggested creating a Pardot Grading Worksheet either on excel or a notepad and scratch out your ideas to fit that perfect sales profile before building it out in Pardot.

This Pardot Grading Worksheet is free to use

To be honest I’m not sure why I didn’t build this out earlier! Check out my Pardot Grading Worksheet. A handy Pardot Grading Calculator to help you visualize your Pardot Grading Profile.


Also, if you didn’t know I’m launching the first Pardot Certification Masterclass. If you are a Pardot user looking to expand your Pardot knowledge and capabilities, you should join this Pardot Certification Masterclass that will show you how to design, build, and implement B2B & B2C marketing workflows related to lead scoring, email marketing, lead generation, and using reports to make data-driven decisions.


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