Google & Salesforce

Google just announced a new and exciting strategic partnership with Salesforce in an effort to provide a more collaborative experiences for both salesforce and google customers. The Salesforce-Google partnership means that tools like Google Analytics will be integrated with the Salesforce platform in more intuitive ways. Specifically, Salesforce has named G Suite as its preferred provider for email and productivity features. Salesforce also plans to use the Google Cloud Platform for its core services as the company works to expand its international infrastructure.

The two companies are currently working on a few specific integrations that could impact enterprises. Here’s some more information about those initiatives and the Salesforce-Google partnership.

  • Salesforce Lightning for Gmail: Surface relevant Salesforce CRM data in Gmail, as well as customer interactions from Gmail directly within Salesforce, to service your customers faster. Identify high priority emails and suggest next steps based on the email content to work with customers faster than before.
  • Salesforce Lightning for Google Sheets: Embed Sheets anywhere in Salesforce, and with a single click push content from Salesforce Records or Reports to a new Sheet. Data will automatically update bi-directionally to ensure everyone has the most recent information.
  • Quip Live Apps for Google Drive and Google Calendar: Quip Live Apps will integrate with Google Drive and Calendar, allowing you to access information in a more collaborative, open cloud environment, and embed any list of Drive files, including Google Docs, Slides and Sheets, or your Google Calendar inside Quip. This new combination of Quip and G Suite will create a modern alternative to legacy intranet content services.
  • Salesforce for Hangouts Meet: Access relevant customer and account details, service case histories and more from Salesforce CRM directly within the Hangouts Meet interface. This gives you powerful insights directly in the communications platform to conduct better sales conversations or efficiently resolve customer service issues.

Google is also giving qualified Salesforce customers G Suite for up to one year at no additional cost—restrictions apply, and more details can be found on their site.

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