Pardot Prospect Journey Map

Mapping the Pardot Prospect Experience

As a marketer you work hard obtaining new leads. But what happens once they go into Pardot? Do you pass them to sales and walk away? Do they sit in Pardot hoping they take action until your next big blast they get sucked into?

Just as sales will map the sales process, as marketers we want to map our Pardot Prospect experience. Building their Pardot Journey.

Journey maps promote emotional contact with insight, distilling research into a concise, visually compelling story of the prospect’s experience

A Pardot Prospect Journey should be a full, end-to-end experience. It starts from the first click to the final close.

Sample on how to convert your Pardot leads through an automated on-boarding process in 7 steps:

  1. Prospect visits your website and after browsing a few pages, fills in a form and submits, which adds them into Pardot as a prospect.
  2. All form details are recorded in Pardot and the submission triggers a completion action to add them into an engagement studio campaign.
  3. The first email can include anything relevant as an introductory to your company.
  4. Include a call to action button CTA at the bottom prompting the prospect to click to complete a progressive profiling form outlining customized experience with the type of content they would like to receive (webinars, product information, white papers etc.)
  5. Depending on what they select they will be moved to another personalized track based on the content they selected.
  6. When they reach a score of 75 we assign the lead via active assignment rule in the engagement studio and send a personalized rep email introducing their rep. Include a link to their online calendar to schedule a call. This eliminates the back and forth conversation by email.
  7. Remove the prospect from the engagement studio and place them on a personalized rep track that can be defined by lead status.

Do you need help mapping out the Pardot Journey?

Download my free powerpoint template to map out your Pardot Prospect Journey.