I’ve found a solid naming convention within Marketing Automation is often times overlooked during the on boarding process. A proper naming convention will not only give you a solid structure but will save you hours worth of headaches later when trying to sort content within Pardot.

Naming conventions can not only help you organize your folders but also all your assets within Pardot. When set up properly you can see all your critical attributes and what type of marketing activity it is related to. There is no one size fits all when it comes to naming conventions. Each client I’ve worked with have set up naming conventions unique to their industry and specific verticals.

A sample naming convention for files could be:
Vertical / Quarter / Type / Name
Corporate Q1 2015 WB How to nurture leads

A sample naming convention for Pardot Folders:

Pro Tip: Don’t use underscores between words in Pardot(Corporate_Q1_2015_TS_Dreamforce). This would make it impossible for search unless you had the full string to search by.

Do you have a solid naming convention you like to use in your Pardot instance?