Covering the basics: What exactly is a “lead” and why generating them is so important

First things first before we get into Lead Generation Tactics. What exactly is a lead? Leads come in all shapes, sizes and segmentations. Just trying to keep up with the terminology can make your head spin. You may hear leads also mentioned as prospects, inquiries, form fills, demos, or even hot buttered and ready (you get the idea!).

Whatever the nomenclature you use, we are talking about the companies or people who are interested in your services and/or products.

So now that we have covered what a lead is, why is lead generation so important?

Lead Generation is a marketing process that stimulates and captures interest in a company, product, or service to help fill your companies sales pipeline.

Lead generation strategically incorporates the use of digital channels to help convert visitors into leads and gets started down into the sales pipeline. In this process we collect more than just contact information of the potential customer, we are also getting an understanding of their engagement with us and their interests for our services.

As a marketer you know the buying process has changed over the last 15 years. Marketers need to stay ahead of the curve and continue to find new ways to be heard and seen through all the noise that is out there. As a Marketer you know you need tools beyond email blasts – we need focus on building a continuous relationship with our potential leads.

Below Are 3 overlooked yet awesome lead generation tactics.

Lead Generation Tactics 1: Exit Intent Pop-ups

OptinMonster: Lead Generation TacticsDid you know that over 70% of your abandoning visitors will never return? That means that over 90% of your marketing spend might be going to waste. We can fix that by adding exit-intent popups that collect just an email. You can use this to promote a sales sheet, webinar, product coupon etc. OptinMonster (a favorite of mine) specializes in exit-intent popup and their customers have seen as high as 600% increase in signups.

Below are both Paid and Free tools that can help you create website pop-ups:


Lead Generation Tactics 2: Facebook chatbots

Chat: Lead Generation TacticsFacebook chatbots are simple artificial intelligence bots that you interact with via facebook messenger. Those interactions can be straightforward, like asking for a weather report, or more complex, like having one troubleshoot a problem with your product or service.

Chat bots really make it possible for companies to provide answers to their leads questions at scale and at a very low cost. They also make it easy to up-sell leads once you’ve demoed the product and have shown your value.

Below are some links on how to easily build Facebook Chatbots:


Lead Generation Tactics 3: Website Chat

Drift: Lead Generation TacticsThe trouble with online research for B2B is that many potential customers are disconnected from someone who can answer their questions in real time while researching the product. Rather than watching potential customers click away from your site in search of answers, they could be interacting with you via chat bot on your website.

Using Chatbots on your website can generate more leads, qualify leads with bots, and then book meetings for sales! All without leaving the website.

My personal favorite website chat bot is Drift. But here are a few others to check out:

That’s it! Those are my top 3 overlooked lead generation ideas that you can implement right now for your company to increase your Marketing ROI.

Stay tuned for more in the Getting Scrappy Marketing Series.