Handy Pardot Grading Worksheet

Pardot Grading WorksheetAdmit it, we’ve all been there… trying to add up Pardot grade adjustments to fit our specific sales profile and wondering… did I get that right? As a Pardot Consultant, its one area my clients always struggle with. I’ve often suggested creating a Pardot Grading Worksheet either on excel or a notepad and scratch out your ideas to fit that perfect sales profile before building it out in Pardot.

This Pardot Grading Worksheet is free to use

To be honest I’m not sure why I didn’t build this out earlier! Check out my Pardot Grading Worksheet. A handy Pardot Grading Calculator to help you visualize your Pardot Grading Profile.


Also, if you didn’t know I’m launching the first Pardot Certification Masterclass. If you are a Pardot user looking to expand your Pardot knowledge and capabilities, you should join this Pardot Certification Masterclass that will show you how to design, build, and implement B2B & B2C marketing workflows related to lead scoring, email marketing, lead generation, and using reports to make data-driven decisions.


Hands-on Pardot 2-Day Workshop in Houston, Texas.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to ramp up your Salesforce Pardot Strategy. Learn beyond the basics of how to design, build and automate with one of the fastest growing B2B Marketing Automation Platforms.

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I noticed a new Pardot feature today that is has unofficially been rolled out by Pardot developers. Pardot has finally included pre-built Responsive Templates in Pardot! In the video below I do a quick overview of how this new feature works and why it is important for us Marketers.

Hiring a Pardot consultant can be a game changer for your business or organization. A qualified Pardot Consultant can provide insight and expertise that puts a powerful tool on the track to strategic success. But to get results that will radically improve your marketing automation, you need to choose the right Pardot Consultant.

You should apply the same vigorous vetting process to Pardot consultants as you do for full-time hires. If your consultant doesn’t have Marketing industry experience or a proven track record to deliver what you need, you could actually be draining vital resources and impeding your company’s growth.

Choosing the right Pardot consultant starts with matching her/his experience level with the needs of your company. You and your Pardot consultant should be on the same page about what the project entails and the skills needed so you can work toward a shared goal.

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Google just announced a new and exciting strategic partnership with Salesforce in an effort to provide a more collaborative experiences for both salesforce and google customers. The Salesforce-Google partnership means that tools like Google Analytics will be integrated with the Salesforce platform in more intuitive ways. Specifically, Salesforce has named G Suite as its preferred provider for email and productivity features. Salesforce also plans to use the Google Cloud Platform for its core services as the company works to expand its international infrastructure.

The two companies are currently working on a few specific integrations that could impact enterprises. Here’s some more information about those initiatives and the Salesforce-Google partnership.

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Pardot will be sunsetting their Pardot training September 15, 2017

Over the last month I’ve seen a lot of notices from Pardot, sunsetting their Pardot training:

NOTICE OF COURSE RETIREMENT: This notice serves of the impending retirement of this course. The sunset will take effect on September 15, 2017; at this time the course will no longer be accessible.

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You’re a Marketing Automation manager and a good one at that! The trouble is you want to make a career out of Marketing Automation but are finding it hard to get an interview. Let me ask you a question – are you Pardot certified? Pardot certification is the easiest way to validate yourself as a Pardot professional.

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Creating a strong brand preference attracts more leads into the funnel with a higher win rate. Combined with strategic marketing automation, it brings your brand to life during the early-to-mid stages of the sales cycle. Marketing automation & powerful content tells your strategic story while winning your prospects hearts and minds. Using marketing automation, we want our prospects to go from the problematic status quo to the opportunity-filled future by solving their biggest problem by purchasing your solution.

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Mapping the Pardot Prospect Experience

As a marketer you work hard obtaining new leads. But what happens once they go into Pardot? Do you pass them to sales and walk away? Do they sit in Pardot hoping they take action until your next big blast they get sucked into?

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